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Some of the artists collaborating with BRM


A powerful,commanding vocalist ,a soon to be heir in a new age for the world to embrace.

Introducing Miss Annie Dang.

Annie Dang’s presence and voice is captivating, she sings from her personal experiences of love and life, this is her journey. 

When Annie first heard rhythm and blues she knew she had found her calling. Citing such influences as The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Linda Jones and Sam Cooke. Annie studied these influences,taught herself guitar and perfected her skills. After she turned 21, she traveled the world experiencing different cultures and performing her songs in small clubs and even busking on street corners in countries and cities like Peru, New Orleans, San Francisco, Spain, Venezuela, Vietnam and Japan. Annie was determined to leave an impression on the world.

2019- Annie Dang’s newest single Shake is a song that will get you charged up. With its uptempo beat , smokey horn section and retro latin tinged soul. This song will have listeners shaking their feet and dancing wildly . With lyrics that implore you to “shake it some more and more and more ”. Annie sounds like she’s right next to you shaking away on the dance floor.  Annie lets you know she’s the boss when she sings ” Stop your talking,show us what you got and SHAKE!”

With Aretha Franklin,Sharon Jones, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse gone ( too soon). Music writers in the pacific northwest United States seem to think that a reformation is taking place and Annie Dang is ready to take over the mantle as R&B/soul’s queen messenger .



While much of the conversation in 2019 has focused on solo stars and rap music's rise to pop culture's driving force.There are great things happening in small towns, bedrooms and garages across the world, and across genres. 

One of those great things is the band Royce Melleaux

Royce Melleaux are a smart, diverse and eclectic bunch of musicians from Portland ,Oregon. 

They will soon carve their own niche and light a musical fire in the much needed Portland music scene. Creating an identity out of detailed narratives combined with perfect pop instincts and sheer rock n roll aggression. 

This band will be on peoples radar very soon.


Dave Tutin is a storyteller, he understands hooks in building familiarity, and he frames the personal in a way that sounds universal. Heavily influenced by the music and lyrics of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. Dave is a pure truth seeker, a man who does not suffer fools gladly,musically and personally.  His upcoming release “Looking At Life” features appearances by such great musicians as Waddy Wachtel (Linda Rondstadt, Warren Zevon, Stevoe Nicks), Mark Egan ( Pat Metheny, Elements, Michael Franks), Sam Bevan ( David Grissman). Mixed by Rob Cohen ( Madonna, Pat Metheny)



Fusing elements of electronica, rock and pop with a danceable groove, San Francisco's Karmacoda creates music that is modern yet deeply moving and emotional.

Central themes of transformation: love, loss, lust and longing show up as story lines in their songs, pulling instrumental inspiration from a myriad of musical genres and time periods.

Their songs, often cinematic in scope and vibe, have been featured prominently in film and television soundtracks and have won a number of music awards.

Their newest album Intimate builds upon the organic meets electric sound Karmacoda has been cultivating since their inception, and is filled with lush musical landscapes, hooky choruses, moving vocal performances and beautiful melodies .



Four years after their first album “My Darling, The Glass Was Always Half Empty” came out . Mike Johnson ,lead singer and songwriter of Portland based band The Flurries team-ups with the BRM team to present a follow up album of super savvy progressive rock, with Brian Wilson influenced vocals and a tinge of 80's new wave. Johnson's skills as a pop craftsman are on full display in these upcoming recordings .When Johnson sings about keeping risqué encounters on vacation under wraps ,he is adamant to his co-conspirator when he sings: ”Say what happens in Vegas love , it all stays in Vegas love ” ...he wants that promise. Or stories of broken relationships he wants share with listeners The songs send the usual relationship drama message some of us go through, it gives the upcoming albums persona a welcome edge.There are many ballads of different musical configurations. Some very sonically adventurous,some happy,some haunting.One of the songs “Love, Love,Love”  could become the album’s bonfire hit.The album is produced by Mike Johnson and Andy Korn, recorded at The Bugundy Room and mixed by Jaime Durr



Buffalo Roadhouse Music presents the latest video from the band Metalmorphosis. Metalmorphosis transforms jazz standards, motion picture and theater classics into Heavy Metal/Hard Rock anthems. It is a new unique musical idea that connects and appeals to audiences by presenting these classic songs in an amplified, energized and engaging way.

Collaborating with new and established artists in all types of musical genres is what we are all about. Below are selected songs from artists that Andy and his BRM team produced,arranged,engineered, mixed, performed and recorded with.


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Below are various commercials , infomercials, bumpers and instructional videos featuring music and/or performances produced,arranged,engineered, mixed, performed and recorded by Andy and his BRM team 


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